Ladurée Macarons at The Mark for Turn-Down

The Mark is excited to announce the introduction of Ladurée macarons to our turn down service. Ladurée will provide their tastefully bright macarons in delightful boxes specially created for The Mark. As guests’ head to their rooms to wind-down from a day exploring New York City, they will find these delicate treats by their bedside on their first nights stay.

Ladurée recently opened the doors to its Madison Avenue store in July 2012 but their small, delicate macarons have a long and rich history. In 1862 Louis Ernest Ladurée opened his little bakery on the rue Royale and almost 20 years later, Ladurée’s cousin Pierre Desfontaines created the macaron they became famous for. Desfontaines developed the idea to fix two pieces of the mellow macaron cake with a garnish of a tasty flavor. In that moment the small, fluffy cake that is crunchy on the outside and melts on the inside, became a delicacy that would be appreciated around the world.

In 1993 Ladurée was bought by David Holder, whose vision for the company led to the opening of Ladurée stores all over the world; from Paris and London to Tokyo and Sydney. Ladurée continues to expand its illustrious empire, teaming with brands like Uniqlo and The Mark, with a range of chocolates, candies and candles available in stores, and the opening of a tearoom in Downtown New York, firmly placing it on the world stage.

For Ladurée, tasting a macaron is indulging in an unforgettable moment of pleasure.  And we couldn’t agree more!

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