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Sustainability at The Mark

We love our world and want to protect it. The Mark continues to practice and encourage sustainability and eco-friendliness.

The Mark offers eco-friendly transportation with Bespoke Pedicabs and Bikes

All guest rooms and public areas in The Mark are fitted with LED lights, which consume less power per unit of light emitted

All bathrooms in The Mark Hotel are equipped with heated towel racks to encourage guests to use their towels more than once and conserve water and energy

All rooms in The Mark are supplied with reminder cards to encourage guests to opt-out of daily linen and towel washing services in order to conserve water and energy

Every room in The Mark is equipped with intelligent thermostats which are also remotely operable from the front desk, engineering offices and online through our BMS system

The Mark is equipped with a highly energy efficient HVAC boiler/chiller combination system where waste energy from the cooling cycle is used for the hot water systems leading to considerable energy savings as well as reducing the amount of machinery

The Mark HVAC system uses clean Natural Gas

The Mark mechanical systems only use variable speed pumps which greatly reduces the amount of usage of the pumps

The Mark uses energy saving hot water heaters with lead and lag controls aligned with the actual usage

Every lavatory in The Mark is equipped with water-saving dual flush

The Mark skating rink by Glice is a synthetic alternative to the conventional ice rink that uses large amounts of water and energy

The Mark Restaurant by Jean-Georges uses mostly local produce and products in order to support local farmers and local businesses and consume less fossil fuels on transportation

The Mark Restaurant by Jean-Georges offers over 15 Vegan and over 60 Vegetarian menu options.

The Mark only uses compostable straws