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With Central Park at our doorstep, The Mark is situated next to one of New York City’s greatest attractions. There is so much to explore in this wonderland that is known as the heart and lungs of the city. Since its completion in 1873, Central Park has been one of the great equalizers of Manhattan with approximately 37.5 million people discovering its secrets annually. Here are some of our local favorites…

The Boathouse, the legendary restaurant that sits on the lake is the perfect place to unwind after a day exploring the city. With its view of the skyline and Angel Bethesda, The Boathouse is particularly beautiful at dusk when the skies begin to change color and the lights from the buildings start to sparkle. Two of the great statues in Central Park are Alice in Wonderland, whom children love to crawl and climb, and Angel Bethesda the guardian of the city; both are a must-see when visiting Central Park.

During the holiday season Wollman Rink opens to the public, a tradition amongst locals around Christmas, pull on some skates and take a twirl around the infamous rink. Finally, Central Park Zoo, the first official zoo to open in New York City, is a place for families to discover animal species from all over the world; a wonderful outing that is both educational and unforgettable for both children and adults alike.