If people do not know the actual signature of Jean-Philippe Delhomme, they will immediately
recognize his signature style. Mr. Delhomme’s playfully childish figures became synonymous
with visual wit and cleverness in the 1990s with the advertising campaigns he created for
Barneys New York and Saab USA. His delightful work, which often suggests his stylishly
enigmatic souls on the verge of one subtle fashion crisis or another, is regularly featured in
GQ, House & Garden and several international editions of Vogue. In addition, Mr. Delhomme
has a monthly column, “Aesthetic Criteria,” in the French edition of Architectural Digest.

A graduate of l’Ecole supérieure des art décoratifs in Paris, Jean-Philippe Delhomme’s career
in illustration began with his now-legendary series “Polaroids de Jeunes Filles” for the French
edition of Glamour in 1987. Today, in addition to several illustrated books, children’s stories
and anthologies, Mr. Delhomme has published three novels, most recently “Comique de
Proximité” in 2005. The dryly witty Mr. Delhomme lives in Paris with his wife and children.