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The Mark introduces the newest addition to its list of extraordinary services. Experience a true VIP arrival in New York's major airports with The Mark Airport Concierge. On arrival, our concierge will meet and greet you at the aircraft's door and take you swiftly through immigration and customs, as well as assisting with baggage, by-passing long lines and getting you seamlessly to your town car. After a lovely stay at The Mark, our concierge is available on your way home as well. The Mark Airport Concierge will arrange pre-check in, preferred seating and take you promptly through security lines to your airport lounge. Call our hotel concierge for details and to book this extraordinary service.

Concierge Direct Line:



  • Greeter at aircraft door
  • Expedited Immigration and Customs processing (JFK and Newark Airports)
  • Baggage assistance
  • Assistance with locating and loading into car


  • Coordination with your driver to meet and greet you curbside
  • Reserved porters to tag and check in your bags
  • Pre-check in and preferred seating assignments 
  • Expedited through security avoiding any lines that may occur 
  • Assistance and guidance in airport clearance through related formalities
  • Fast-tracked to lounge and to aircraft gate for pre-boarding or option to board last

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