The Mark Recommends: Valentine’s Day Gifts

With Valentine’s Day less than a month away, The Mark has curated a list of his and her gifts for the most romantic day of the year…

The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Dress from 25 Park

This Nha Kahn dress from 25 Park is ultimate in Valentine’s Day wear. The ruby red lace teamed with a pair of nude pumps is a perfect outfit for a passionate night in Manhattan.

Roses from L’Olivier Floral Atelier

There is nothing more romantic than telling someone you love them with red roses. L’Olivier has been creating breathtaking arrangements since 1994, and with Olivier Giugni at it’s helm, the floral atelier has been a pioneer in floral design in New York City. Having created various specialized arrangements for Valentine’s day, you are sure to impress the one you love with one of L’Olivier’s magnificent bouquets.

La Maison du Chocolat Delectable Duo’s

With delicious pairings like litchi-rasberry grenache or almond and hazelnut praline and spicy notes of Jamaican pepper, La Maison du Chocolat are experts in creating delicious duo’s to share. Created by La Maison du Chocolat’s Chef and Creative Director, Nicolas Cloiseau, there are five new chocolate recipe pairings that are sure to please this Valentine’s Day.

The Perfect Shave from The Art of Shaving

The ultimate in masculine indulgence, The Art of Shaving not only provides a luxurious experience, but precision and expertise which will leave your man well groomed, relaxed and revitalized. The Royal Shave, performed by a Master Barber, incorporates the four elements of the perfect shave: prepare, lather, shave and moisturize.

Love To Indulge by Frédéric Malle Package at The Mark

Experience the sensuous fragrances of the famed perfumer when you book this indulgent package for two. Receive a Café Society candle which combines the aromas of lavender, patchouli and amber and a set of Frederic Malle’s signature soap, Anterenea, which is an exotic mix of spices, sandalwood and anise. Receive one dozen roses in your room on arrival, a bottle of champagne and an artisanal cheese and fruit platter, as well as continental breakfast for two in the comfort of your room or in The Mark  Restaurant by Jean-Georges.

Zadig & Voltaire LOVE Necklace

This Zadig & Voltaire double heart necklace is engraved with the word LOVE. Made of sterling silver this timeless piece says “I love you” in more ways than one.

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The Mark’s Sommelier, Gabrielle Neuberg Talks Champagne For The New Year

We chatted with The Mark Restaurant by Jean Georges Sommelier, Gabrielle Neuberg about how she developed her love of wine at age six, what it’s like working in a predominantly masculine profession and what wines she recommends for the New Year.

How did you start your career as a Sommelier?

My love of wine began at a really young age, even though I grew up in the Washington D.C. area, I would visit my family in Chile and I remember drinking white wine and orange soda. But it wasn’t until I was studying at the Culinary Institute of America that you could say, I was bitten by the wine bug.  At The CIA I did a three week wine tasting course and that was it, I knew I wanted to be a Sommelier.  I completed the first level of Sommelier training at the Court of Master Sommelier’s and then started working at Mario Batali’s Eataly.

What unique experiences have you had as a Sommelier?

Many guests question whether I am even old enough to be serving wine as I look much younger than I am! A lot of guests are also intrigued by the fact that I am female and certainly surprised. It is very unusual and I have had many guests double take after I inform them that I am their Sommelier.

Why do you think Sommelier’s are typically male?

I think staff that work front-of-house within restaurants have traditionally been male. Yet, biologically, women have a better sense of smell and therefore, you could say, make very good Sommelier’s. It is surprising that there are not more of us.

What trends are you observing in the wine industry at the moment?

We are seeing a lot of wines coming out of Eastern Europe. Countries like Slovenia, Croatia and Hungary are all starting to experiment with creating different styles of wine. For example Hungary is known for creating a dessert wine called Tokaji, however, we are starting to see more and more Hungarian winemakers making dryer styles. Countries like India and China who are not historically known for making wine for commercial use are now experimenting with vitis vinifera or wine grapes, creating them into wines and gaining a following amongst wine tasters.

Finally, can you recommend a Champagne for our guests to toast in the New Year?

Yes, one of my favorite Champagnes for the season is the Billecart Salmon from France, it is a Rosé and we sell it by the glass in the restaurant. This wine comes from a larger house but is very family oriented which means they are very passionate about what they are making and very quality focused. Many of the grower/producer Champagnes are also very good; Jacques Selosse makes a Blanc de Blanc as does Pierre Peters which comes in a magnum form, both great Champagnes to celebrate the New Year.

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The Mark Recommends: Luxurious Gifts for the Festive Season

The holidays mark the time for giving so what better way to celebrate the festive season than to give one (or perhaps many) of these very special delights? The Mark has curated a luxurious list of incredibly coveted gifts for those on your list this season.

A Coffret Set from Frédéric Malle

Frédéric Malle’s Jurassic Flower is The Mark’s preferred scent and delicately perfumes the entire hotel. This year Frédéric Malle has the perfect gift for those who desire to introduce a friend to the perfumer, allow them to sample the entire collection and choose their favorite fragrance. With a men’s and women’s set as well as the complete collection of Frédéric Malle perfume, there is something for everyone from this famed store on Madison.

Haircut with Frederic Fekkai

Esteemed hair stylist Frederic Fekkai has created hairstyles for some of the most beautiful women in the world. From magazine covers to catwalks, Fekkai’s reputation for style and luxury has led to salons in both New York and Los Angeles. The Mark, home to a Frederic Fekkai salon, offers a haircut with the stylist himself. What better way to treat someone special than with a ‘new do’ for the holidays.

2002 Bollinger Champagne La Grande Année, France

Recommended by The Mark Restaurant by Jean-Georges Sommelier, Justin Coleman, as the perfect Champagne for the season, the Bollinger Le Grande Année hails from one of the oldest wineries in France. Considered the finest Champagne to be produced in a smaller estate, the flavors are somewhat artisanal with slightly sweet tannins. The 2002 Bollinger has a reputation for its incredible vintage and its traditional heritage as well as being James Bond’s Champagne of choice.

Dinner at The Mark Restaurant by Jean-George

One of the most exciting aspects of The Mark is our restaurant by Jean-Georges. The menu consists of comfort food infused with some of the finest ingredients creating an incredible mix of both haute-cuisine and more traditional dishes. Gift certificates are available at The Mark Restaurant and are a wonderful gift for the holidays!

Devi Kroell Handbag

The ultimate in luxury handbags, Devi Kroell sources leathers and furs from all over the world. The Sutton, made of crocodile and pony hair is one of Devi Kroell’s most exclusive and exquisite handbags.

A Two Bedroom Suite at The Mark

The largest and most luxurious of The Mark’s suites The Mark Premier features breathtaking views of Manhattan, the Upper East Side and Central Park. The master bedroom has city views to the south, a king -size bed and a full master bath. What better way to treat the ones you love than with a trip to New York and a stay at The Mark?

Classic Throw from Alicia Adams Alpaca

Alicia Adams’ luxurious alpaca throws are the perfect way to keep warm this winter. Made from 100 percent baby alpaca, these throws nicely accent a couch or can be worn as a wrap to protect from the cold. In over 40 different colors, you are sure to please with this indulgent gift.

John Lobb Shoes

John Lobb’s first limited edition ankle boot the Saint-Crépin, was revealed on the eve of St. Crispin (the patron saint of shoemakers). In finely-polished black and dark brown Misty Calf, its elegant lines are complemented by the sleek curves of its leather sole. In suede, the warm green and rich dark brown shoe is lined with the finest shearing wool, and paired with a discreet rubber sole.

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The Mark Takes a Special Look at the Bergdorf Goodman Holiday Windows

The Mark is undoubtedly inspired by the roaring ’20s with our Neo-Deco style. So when Bergdorf Goodman revealed that their Holiday Windows were inspired by the lavish performances of Ziegfeld Follies and Vaudeville revues, we jumped at the opportunity to take a look. Bergdorf’s have recreated the glory and excess of the Jazz Age, think diamonds, champagne and shimmying showgirls. Designed by Bergdorf Goodman’s Senior Director of Visual Presentation, David Hoey, the windows took a year to produce and are on display until January 3, 2013. This beautiful display of both creative ingenuity and designer wears is not to be missed.

Act I: Tuning Up – Inspired by “Some Like It Hot” and the all-girl orchestras of the 1920s, the first window of the display features dresses by Marc Jacobs, Phillip Lim and many more. The mannequins have been set from an aerial perspective, against an Art-Deco black and white checkered floor.

Act II: Rhapsody in Feathers – Literally created out of millions of feathers, this dramatic window includes six white feathered birds and peacocks. Inspired by Hollywood burlesque, with Art-Deco chandeliers and large feather fans, the elegant mannequin wears a short fringed dress by Marchesa.

Act V: The Mirror Kaleidoscope – The Grand Finale of the Bergdorf Goodman windows, twin showgirls pose while a mirror star rotates behind them. This display features thousands of beveled mirrors creating a kaleidoscopic effect. The mannequins wear specially commissioned gowns by Naeem Khan.

The various BG Follie Acts continue from 57th Street, 58th Street and across Fifth Avenue to the front of the Bergdorf Goodman Men’s Store. For more information and to view the full 2012 BG Follies display head to:

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Talking Truffles with The Mark Restaurant By Jean-Georges Executive Chef, Pierre Schutz

With truffle season now in full swing, The Mark-Restaurant by Jean-Georges is offering truffle enthusiasts the option to host a private event of up to 20 people with a specialized truffle menu. We spoke to Executive Chef, Pierre Schutz about where he sources his truffles, how he infuses their flavors and why these small, somewhat disagreeable looking fungi, are coveted by culinary connoisseurs around the world.

You currently have a specialized truffle menu for guests who wish to book a private truffle dinner. Can you tell us about the dishes you have selected and why they are significant?

We worked with Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten to create a menu that drew inspiration from his signature dishes we also worked with ingredients that we felt would infuse and reveal the flavors of both black and white truffles. We are in the middle of peak truffle season so we wanted to offer guests, who opted for this special menu, a real taste of the unique flavors that truffles can offer depending on what they are served with. The menu includes both your classic, big, dishes like Tournedos Rossini with foie gras and black truffles alongside more modern dishes such as Diver Scallops served on warm black truffle toast.

Where do you source your truffles from?

It really depends on the season. Our white truffles come from Alba and the Umbria region in Italy while our black truffles come from Provence or Burgundy in France.  At the moment white truffles are just about to come into season but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to get them as it depends on the quantity that is found, the price and the demand.

What affects the price of Truffles?

The price depends on the type of season we are having. There are so many elements that effect the growth of the truffles, for example the weather and climate. That is the beauty of the truffle, it is not something that can be farmed, people have tried but ultimately truffles have to be organically grown. Farmers use specially trained hogs and dogs to sniff the truffles out from underneath trees and then dig by hand to get the truffles. It is a very delicate process and very natural in a way. Ultimately the price of the truffles depends on the market; they can range anywhere between $560 per pound to $900 per pound.

What do you think is the appeal of the truffle?

I think they are special because they cannot be farmed. It is this ancient process of finding the truffles, like buried treasure, and hand picking them that makes them so unique. But of course, the flavor and the delicacy of the truffle are also very appealing. White truffles, for example, cannot be cooked because cooking them will kill the flavor. Truffles must be nurtured and used in the right way.

To book your private truffle event please contact Adina Goldman at or (212) 606-3182.

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The Mark Recommends: Must Do Activities of The Season

Thanksgiving Parade Balloons

Since 1927, on the night before Thanksgiving, New Yorkers have flocked to the Upper West Side to watch the magic of the Macy’s parade balloons be brought to life. Between 77th and 81st streets, close to the American Museum of Natural History, the enormous balloons slowly take shape from 3pm to 8pm.

Walk The Highline on Thanksgiving

The Highline is open on Thanksgiving day. After a glutinous lunch, with your belly full of turkey and cranberry sauce, walk off those seasonal delights with a leisurely stroll along The Highline. This beautiful park glows in the Fall, auburn and chartreuse leaves speckle the trees and crisp air rolls off the Hudson; you are guaranteed to feel revived on this special holiday.

The City of Lights – NYC at Christmas

New York City is famous for its lighting displays at Christmas. The sidewalks glitter, the windows sparkle and around every corner is a beautiful tree, lit to melt the snow. We suggest a stroll along Madison in early December to see the retailers dress their windows and a visit to The Bronx Zoo which has over 1000 lights and 150 lighted sculptures on display.

Central Park in the Fall

We don’t think there is a better time to see Central Park than in the Fall. So what better way to explore our wondrous back yard than with our Bespoke Bikes and The Mark Restaurant by Jean-Georges picnic pack?

Christmas Shopping in Bryant Park and Skating at Wollman Rink

Before the end of Fall, Bryant Park creates a wonderland for NYC residents and tourists. Take your family ice-skating at Citipond ice rink and fit in some last minute Christmas Shopping at the Bryant Park Holiday Shops. With over 100 local designers, decorations and decor you’re sure to find something special for that someone special these holidays. While the traditional Wollman Rink in Central Park is open to all to pull on their skates and take a twirl around the ice.

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Stay Social with The Mark

Welcome back to The Mark Blog! We’re very excited to be back after a very long break. We have much to tell you about – new guest services, features and improvements that we’ve added to our guest experience. You will find updates on all of these great aspects here, plus a renewed stream of authentic content – a unique story from us at least once a week – featuring:

  • Behind-the-scenes looks at the hotel and restaurant operation
  • News and events in our Upper East Side neighborhood
  • Stories about the people who make-up The Mark

In addition to subscribing to our blog, we invite you to stay in touch through on any of these online sites and communities:

We look forward to staying social with you, and look for our next post soon – featuring a special look at the Tomás Saraceno on the Roof: Cloud City exhibit at The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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The Mark is Two!

The Mark is now celebrating it’s second Birthday and we want to celebrate with you!  Book a stay of 2 nights or more in any room or suite with us until September 5, 2011 and receive 22% off your room rate each night!

Room rates as low as $355 per night plus taxes.  Based on availability and valid now until September 5, 2011.  GDS Rate Plan: $13.

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Fashion Talks 2011 with Pamela Golbin

This year’s Art de Vivre series at the French Institute Alliance Francaise will be hosted by Pamela Golbin, the Chief Curator of the Musée de la Mode et du Textile at the Louvre Palace,  presenting three very different fashion figures with iconic signatures.

Tomorrow, March 16, Art de Vivre will be kicking off the series at Florence Gould Hall with Tory Burch.  The American designer will be speaking about the significance of personal style and how she was able to expand her business from an accessories brand into a global fashion brand after working with the likes of Vera Wang, Ralph Lauren and Narciso Rodriguez.

The following sessions will be hosting one of the most talented jewelry designers and current Art Director for Louis Vuitton’s haute joaillerie, Paris-based Lorenz Bäumer on March 30, and the one and only, renowned couturier Oscar de la Renta on April 4!

For more information or to purchase tickets to these events, visit

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Museum Highlight- Legacy: The Emily Fisher Landau Collection

Newly opened exhibit, Legacy: The Emily Fisher Landau Collection, The Whitney Museum presents a selection of works from the historic gift of art pledged to the Whitney in May 2010 by longtime Museum trustee Emily Fisher Landau.  Emily is considered to be one of the preeminent collectors of postwar art in the United States.  This exhibit showcases ideas, particularly since that 1960’s that have preoccupied American artists after the era of Minimalism.

Mark Tansey (b. 1949), Valley of Doubt, 1990. Oil on canvas

Artists that are showcases in this exhibit include Carl Andre, Neil Jenney, Barbara Kruger, Agnes Martin, Susan Rothenberg, Mark Tansey and Peter Hujar.  Other artists highlighted that Emily Fisher Landau seemed to have a high interest in and collected in depth are Richard Artschwager, Jasper Johns and Ed Ruscha. This inspiring collection, that runs through May 1st, showcases her commitment, dedication and relationships with these artists and passion for art with each piece.

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