Dinner at The Mark Restaurant

Since it’s opened, the Jean Georges hotel at The Mark Hotel has garnered a great deal of press and praise. Below, we’ve gathered some quotes. Check out what people are saying about the restaurant – and more importantly, who’s been spotted there.

The New York Times

Mr. Vongerichten’s great genius used to be how he used the spare aesthetics of Asian cooking to improve classical French cuisine. Then it became how he used the lessons of that experience to raid other larders, and to create steakhouses and street-food emporia, Japanese noodle bars and market-driven French bistros.

Now he opens hotel restaurants all over the world. This one is hardly a risk. But it is a welcome addition to the Upper East Side.

The Village Voice

Vongerichten’s menu is comprised of “comforting, everyday food to contrast the refined ambiance,” which means he and his team are working to “reinvent and perfect the rustic, classic dishes from my childhood in France.”

Those dishes include the Croque M., which the chef describes as “a cross between a croque monsieur and croque madame.” The key to his gender-bending version, he explains, is to “make a Mornay sauce with gruyere and comte, then spread it on slices of fresh pain de mie. I do a triple-decker version with Flying Pig Farm ham, comte, and gruyere, then broil it with a quail egg on top. Delicious.” Based on that description, one is inclined to believe him.

Peaked your interest? Check out the menus below.


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